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My conservative values were instilled in me by my parents who were long time Republican activists and were instrumental in the establishment of the Dawson County Republican Party. As a Christian, my faith and trust in God serve as my roadmap for life. I voted for President Reagan as a teen-ager and have been active in the Republican Party ever since. I was chairman of the College Republicans at Georgia State University, a Young Republican pioneer in north Georgia and the Chairman of the Dawson County Republican Party for four years. In 1994, I was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives and served for eight years until I became the victim of gerrymandered reapportionment maps that the United States Supreme Court affirmed were an unconstitutional ploy that the Democrats created in a desperate attempt to cling to power. In the State House, I served as Deputy Minority Whip. I was a leader in welfare reform, defense and veterans issues, highway safety, and budgetary reform.

Clint Smith is a 32 year veteran of the Georgia National Guard. He has served in numerous full time assignments in radar operations and state-wide strategic planning for Georgia units.

He served additional duties as Chaplain and Historian at Headquarters, Georgia Air National Guard. Special assignments include the following:
Security for the Atlanta Summer Olympics, Support/Planning role for the G-8 summit at Sea Island, Georgia and evacuation efforts of Hurricane Katrina victims from New Orleans, Louisiana to Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia

The Issues

Clint Smith worked with former Governor Sonny Perdue (and current Secretary of Agriculture for President Donald Trump) as Chairman of the Georgia Faith-Based Initiatives Task Force.

Job growth and support of small business:

The state of Georgia should always prioritize policy that relieves undue government pressure on small business and industry, allowing them to flourish and create new jobs.


Pay raises for teachers and maintain local control of education policy.

Respect for our senior citizens:

Clint Smith supports the current legislation that will create a safer environment for citizens who live in assisted living, personal care and nursing homes by substantially toughening state oversight. Additionally, Clint Smith looks forward to working with the Attorney General's office to crack down on scammers who prey upon senior citizens.

Support for our farmers and agriculture:

Clint Smith will continue his traditional support of agribusiness thru tax exemptions and other policies. The legislature should foster a welcoming environment for young people to consider agribusiness as a career.

Support for traditional families and values:

Clint Smith will never allow the leftist, politically correct agenda to impede upon our north Georgia values.

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